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Eileen Mckone Erni

In my private practice, I offer hypnotherapy and other effective modalities for individual wellness and group programs. As the founder and facilitator of Beverly Hypnosis Center, I work with all age groups, tailoring sessions to help with stress reduction, weight loss and eliminating stress, fears and phobias. Currently, my passion lies in a program I developed to support law enforcement and first responders with proven stress-reduction and resiliency techniques.

I am currently a Senior Instructor at Boston’s largest and most awarded North Shore Studio, Yoga Sakti, teaching weekly stress reduction yoga and meditation classes. I have created the Studio’s most popular and a longest-running workshop combining restorative yoga, guided meditation, and massage.


Jenna McTiernan 

Bright Eyes Wellness Founder Jenna Bellamy McTiernan is a certified meditation and yoga instructor and a life-long practitioner of the esoteric Mahayana Buddhism.  She is also a talented chef, avid gardener and the mother of 4 grown children.  She lives on Cape Ann, Massachusetts.



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