Change Your Story, Change Your Life:

With hypnosis, you will safely lose weight and more importantly keep it off.  You will no longer feel deprived with dieting or feel discouraged with lack of willpower. Hypnosis is about solving the problem that causes you to overeat.

The power of this natural state of hypnosis is that ability to connect to the subconscious level of our minds, the source of our self-defeating behaviors and habits. When we can go to the source of the unwanted habits, emotions, and behavioral patterns, we can eliminate them and introduce new positive empowering suggestions.

Hypnosis is a powerful way to get you to notice what is triggering you to overeat. After one session you will become more aware of “the self-defeating chatter” and interrupt it immediately with empowering thoughts, changing the inner dialogue. Remove the word hard, difficult or impossible when referring to shedding the excess weight.  Change the dialogue.  It is challenging but the challenge is exciting and transforming and invigorating.

Hypnosis helps to understand your triggers and notice your state of mind/ body just before you binge, snack, reach for sugar, processed foods, etc. Who is around you, what “mood” are you in? Bored, lonely, stressed. What are you thinking about?

Program Details -

  • Initial 90 minute session. 145.00

  • Consecutive hypnosis sessions 90.00

  • Reinforcement recordings

  • Self-hypnosis training

Free Phone Consultation:

Your comfort is our number one priority. Every clients receives a free phone screening before their initial session to discuss their issues and goals. At this time our team can answer any and all questions. Call now to understand if hypnosis if right for you - (978) 223-3535



Your comfort is our top priority. Call today and understand if Hypnosis is right for you.