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Most people are familiar with hypnosis to stop smoking and hypnosis for weight loss. Many people have heard of the wonderful results accomplished through hypnosis and feel that it could be helpful for them. Yet, there are many who do not consider its use due to misinformation acquired over the years from television, horror movies, and novels. They maintain a misconception of what hypnosis is and how it can be used to achieve change in many areas of our lives and in a positive way.

When hypnotized, an individual is not asleep or in some eerie trance state. There is no surrender of mind or control. The hypnotized individual is aware of everything. When brought out of hypnosis, they are able to recall everything that took place.

Hypnosis is a very normal, natural state we slip in and out of daily. Over the years, it is often frowned upon. How many times were we told to, “snap out of it” or “stop that day-dreaming”.

An example of a state of hypnosis might be; driving your car and suddenly realizing that you can’t remember the last few streets you just passed, or that you drove right by your exit! In this example of a light hypnotic state, the conscious part of the mind had been distracted allowing the subconscious to take over.

The consulting hypnotist does not possess any type of power or gift but has learned how to give suggestions that the subconscious mind will accept and then act upon in a positive way. Trained hypnotherapists have helped thousands of people solve problems, overcome fears and improve personal skills



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